Minimize delayed payments and bad debts.

Diminish your needs for external funding.

Sustain harmonious relationships with your clients.

Minimize legal expenses from delinquencies.

Τrust Cycle for your Collections Receivables.

No Collection, No commission.


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  • ICAP Group – with 1.300 employees – is the largest Business Information and Management Consulting Group in Greece, with a strong presence in Southeastern Europe. Following its acquisition from the SEEF Fund of Global Finance, ICAP Group offers a wide range of services and products which are grouped into the following 4 Business Lines: Credit Risk Services, Marketing Solutions, Management Consulting and People & Employment Solutions.

    Cycle Credit is a 100% subsidiary of ICAP Group and the largest company operating in Receivables Management in Greece. It is also considered as a key player in the Southeastern Europe with active presence in 4 countries.